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Wave Single 95lt #2

Design 95_2
952 Deck952_botHaving been a little surprised by the end weight of my previous build I bought myself a very sensitive set of scales on which to weigh each layer and process of construction. My boards have to be light and strong and for a 95lt board 7.5kg all up is a fair target, this board came in at 7.6kg which I’m pretty happy with. The design is a little more all round and a tad less intensely wave riding focused than the mark one. I’ve found that my favourite boards have been the less extreme ones that you use a lot and get to really know well. It’s always tempting to try and build the “perfect” board for the “perfect day” but actually the perfect board for most days is a far more usable target. Sure you want a perfect day board but that shouldn’t be your first purchase. So to this end I widened the tail (36) for more early planing lift and to hold speed through lower speed turns and also because I intend to experiment with multiple fin combinations once I’ve got to know it really well as a single. I see quads in particular as being very useful in making larger boards behave more like smaller boards and whilst the outline of this board isn’t necessarily optimised for a quad fin set up I’ll still learn a great deal from the experiment. The wide point (58.5) is just forward of centre helping to give a generous amount of ┬árail curve into the tail, thus giving a shorter wetted rail line for tighter (though more pivotal) turns, with the volume (95lt) well balanced between nose and tail. It’s still a wave biased board with a generous even rocker and rolled vee through double concave to vee bottom. Full carbon/dyneema foam sandwich construction and a simple paint job. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this board.