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Wave Single 87lt

CAD 87CJ 87 HiWindCJ 87 TailHaving ridden my bigger 95lt board for quite sometime I built up further ideas for what I wanted as a replacement to my current smaller board (A Proof custom). This is my board for use on higher wind 5.0 /4.7/4.2 type days and for the bigger and better down the line wave days, yet still with enough float to get me through the lulls and massive wind holes we suffer from around these parts. Dimensions are 235 x 58 and 32.5 tail. It’s a challenge to design a compact yet fairly floaty board that doesn’t handle like a cork, but by combining vee and concaves to soften the bounce in chop, along with doming the deck to keep volume out of the rails, the board floats well but also bites hard into a turn with remarkably little bounce. I also wanted a narrow tail because of the extra control and response you get at speed. The decent 58cm wide point forward width aids volume distribution and generates plenty of low speed lift to help with slogging out and planing. The zero point of the bottom curve is centred beneath the front foot strap so the board balances and rail steers from directly under my front foot, with the board planing aft from there on the narrow single concave tail to give the feeling of a smaller board. Again the rail line rocker follows a more pronounced curve than along the centre of the board thus increasing the turning response as the board is banked. This board is huge fun to sail and I’m only just getting to know it. It’s due to morph into a 2 + 1 fin configuration in the coming months.