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Uniquely Different ~ Crafted for the individual.

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The Goal

Inspired by the desire to design and build boards again I have set up a small workshop in which to to do just that. I want boards that exactly meet my needs and the challenging conditions I sail in here in Cornwall. Production is still in the developmental stage and you can follow my progress on this website; I’ll attempt to keep it interesting.

My starting point is to create the type of boards that I personally would want.

My starting point is to create the type of boards that I personally would want; boards designed precisely for my needs, built with great care from the finest materials. I’ll then see how I can produce them at a viable price for others but without compromising quality or the pleasure I derive from creating them. My focus is primarily with windsurfing but as I surf and SUP as well there will be an occasional project in that direction.

The great advantage to building your own or buying custom built boards is that there is so much greater freedom to experiment, learn and tailor specific features into your boards in a way that is impossible when buying generic “fashion” production boards; no matter how good they are. Production boards are indeed better than ever but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. Most top professionals ride custom boards for this very reason and being involved in the design of your board really adds pleasure to your time both on and off the water. My mind is awash with design ideas simply crying out to be tried and experimented with, so I’ll be doing just that.

In spite of the heavy commercialisation of the surfing industry today, it still remains remarkably well served by small artisan companies building varied creative designs tailored to the individual and local conditions. In the windsurfing arena mass produced boards have largely taken over the sport with custom built boards becoming quite the exception.

I’m here to redress that balance and offer something a little different in my own small way.

Being entrusted to create such pleasurable products for someone is a tremendous privilege that I deeply appreciate.

Chris Jackson