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Wave Single 70lt

CAD 7070 Single Deck70 SingleThis was built for respected local sailmaker (RB Sails) and ripper Ian Ross. Ian is in no rush to jump on the multi fin bandwagon without further research and development so we started with this classic driving 70 ltr. single fin at 228 x 52.5 with a 31.5 tail. Ian likes to put himself into gnarly situations sailing “secret” Cornish reef breaks and so requires a tough, predictable and dependable board. This carbon/dyneema bamboo decked board bottom turns as if on rails and just flows along a good wave, it’s quick planing with a smooth chop conquering ride, whilst also strong enough to bounce off a rock or two when things go wrong. ┬áIan has many friends in the industry and gets to try a lot of different boards and his input is very useful in developing shapes.

CJ 70 Single